Carpet Cleaning FAQ’s

       How long does it take for our carpets to dry?

Approximately 3-6 hours depending on how soiled the carpets are. Berber, shag, and plush carpets can take 6-8 hours to fully dry. Although it is best to stay off of the carpet until the drying process is complete, you may walk on the carpet using caution after the cleaning. Our technicians can supply you with shoe coverings to wear while the carpet is still damp. Please limit use for best results.

 How long does it take to clean my carpet?

1 to 1.5 hours, depending on the size of the home.

What do I need to do to prepare for a carpet cleaning?

If there are several small items on the floor, you may want to go ahead and pick them up ahead of time. The technicians will move small items such as your dining room chairs, end tables, coffee tables, etc. With a standard steam cleaning, the technicians do not move large furniture such as beds, dressers, and couches. If you would like these items or any other items moved before cleaning you should make the technicians aware of them so that we can make sure everyone has the same expectations. Additional charges may apply in the case of certain items that are requested to be moved. We Do Not move furniture that is used to hold electronics or collectable type “knick-knacks”.

Are there any additional charges that I need to expect?

We do offer additional services to a standard carpet cleaning. These services are always optional upon the discretion of the customer. Some of these services are as follows:

  1. Topical Scrub: This process is designed to lift the fibers in order to remove more dirt particles from the carpet.
  2. Carpet Protectant: This product is designed to apply a layer of protective coating between your carpet and everyday dirt and the occasional spill. Although this addition can increase the life of your carpet over time and enhance the cleaning results, it does not stop the carpet from getting dirty. Regular maintenance is still recommended. Protectant is removed during the cleaning process so an application will need to be done at the end of each professional cleaning.
  3. Deodorizer: This process is designed to help eliminate odors from cooking, smoking, or pets. It comes in 4 different scent options: Pear, Vanilla, Linen, and Cinnamon.
  4. Spot treatment: This process is designed to treat most stubborn spots or spills you may have in your home. Spots that are of a certain nature may need a heat exchange instead of a spot treatment.
  5. Heat Exchange: This is a treatment that is used to transfer spots such as wine, nail polish, and other bright colored spots onto another fabric. This is the best solution in some situations. Please discuss any spots with the technician and provide as much information as possible of its origin so that they may make the best recommendation.
*These services are always offered to the customer during any cleaning especially when recommended to meet our cleaning standards.  All additional treatments have different charges and should be discussed when making the appointment to get an accurate quote.

How far in advance should I call to schedule an appointment?

We are able to accommodate some “same-day” services. However, it is recommended to give us 2-5 business days to fit you into the schedule. The further notice you give us the better we are able to serve you.

What types of spots do not come out of carpet with cleaning?

Any spot where the fiber is no longer in tact will not yield improvement with cleaning. This may be the result of matting, burns, or tears. Certain biological materials like blood, urine, or feces can stain the pigment of the carpet. Products such as hair dye, Kool-Aid, etc. may also change the pigment of the carpet resulting in a stain which can sometimes be remedied with a heat exchange procedure.  We typically suggest some type of carpet repair or replacement in these circumstances.

How often should I have my carpets cleaned?

Residential customers are recommended to have their carpet cleaned every 6-12 months depending upon traffic. If your property is used as a rental property, we recommend having the carpet cleaned seasonally (every3-6 months). Many carpet manufacturers recommend these time periods as well.

Is steam cleaning any better than dry cleaning?

Steam cleaning removes much more dirt from your carpet than most dry cleaning processes. During that steam cleaning process the dirt is extracted which we consider a “deep cleaning” process. However, dry cleaning is a good method to use if you want to clean up before a specific event or to refresh carpet in between regular cleanings. For annual or semi-annual cleanings it is best to use the ” deep cleaning” method of steam cleaning.

So when in need of a quality clean call the team at 1-855-thuroclean or 843-903-6895


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