7 Important Things Before We Can Begin Tomorrow's Cleaning

  1. Please be sure to remove any breakables from tables, counters or flooring that could get damaged during your cleaning.
  2. To ensure we achieve your desired cleaning results: During the walk through, please inform your technician of any damaged areas, odor, spots, spills or stains, If we don't know about it, we cant solve it!
  3. Please sign our Big 9 Safety Rule & Precaution Sheet your technician will provide you with upon arrival. Your service technician cannot begin till the following papers have been gone over & signed. Thank you for all your cooperation!
  4. Take10% OFF your cleaning by scheduling your 12-Month maintenance cleaning before your technician leaves your residence today. Or schedule your next 6-Months cleaning and receive an outrages savings of 15% OFF your appointment.
  5. Click here to learn how you can get FREE CASH or FREE CLEANING through our Referral Reward Program! Every time you refer a new client to Thuro Clean, we automatically reward you with a referral certificate valued at 10% of their cleaning. For example: Each new client you send us, say they spend $500.00, you get mailed a $50.00 Referral Certificate that you can redeem at our office for CASH or use towards your next CLEANING, It’s that simple!
  6. TODAY ONLY! take an additional 20% OFF any service added on while we are at your home cleaning today. Please Click here to review All Our Fine Services and save by letting your technician know what services you would like to add-on to today’s appointment.
  7. Click here to review What should YOU do after YOUR cleaning. This will ensure your floors and fabrics dry & cure properly.

**Be sure to ask your technician for your GIFT BAG containing your FREE BOTTLE OF SPOTTER!**

We Have a 100% Money Back Guarantee

If you are not completely thrilled with the experience you receive from today's service, just let us know and we will rush back to your location at NO CHARGE and NO OBLIGATION. If you are still “unimpressed”, we will give you a 100% refund.

  For Any Questions 

Feel free to Call our office at 843-903-6895  anytime,  we are happy to assist!