Oriental and Area Rug Cleaning

Leaving your rugs looking fresh and revitalized

Experience the Difference 

In-plant rug cleaning is recommended for Oriental and loose woven rugs. They should not be cleaned on location like wall-to-wall carpeting. Thuro Clean Carpet & Upholstery LLC cares for the finest to the most basic rugs around the world.

We will pick your rug up and bring it to our special cleaning plant where it will receive our very thorough Twenty Step Cleaning System to get maximum soil and spot removal. Having your rug cleaned in our plant allows us to give it several treatments, controlled drying, and the use of various tools that are not available on location. This is how Thuro Clean Carpet & Upholstery goes above your expectation with a tailored cleaning process.

State-of-the-Art Rug Cleaning Equipment

We have exciting news for you!! As you know, Thuro clean Carpet & Upholstery has been in business since 2005. Our rug cleaning has always been the best in Myrtle Beach, SC, but we continue to strive to bring even better quality to you. We made an investment in State-of-the-Art Rug cleaning equipment that was even better than before! We are now fully equipped to assure that your rugs will be cleaner & brighter than ever!

                 Before                                      After !

Our 20 Step Cleaning Process

Step 1: Pre - Arrival
The day before arrival, you will receive a call &/or text confirming your cleaning appointment. On the day of your appointment, you will receive a picture (by text) of your cleaning technician, along with his ETA (estimate arrival time).

Step 2: In Home Rug Pick-Up 
No need in taking up your precise time, removing or driving your rugs to be cleaned yourself. We Offer pick-up and delivery services to anyone needing their rugs cleaned or restored. Most rugs have a 2-week cleaning turn around, custom rugs may take longer. These rugs are not shipped-out for cleaning, but yet cleaning on-site at our state-of-the-art plant. 

Step 3: Pre - Inspection
We determine & discus as much as we possibly can about your type of rug and any inherent qualities that may affect its cleaning. We will outline the expected results and id your cleaning “expectations”.

Step 4: Color Stabilizing
We then treat your rug using new dye-lock protectant, therefore locking in all bright color, ensuring no color loss will occur to your rug during the cleaning process.

Step 5: Dry Soil Removal
We then use a counter rotating brush, combing & lifting the rugs fibers, thus removing any loose particles & as much dry soils before cleaning. 

Step 6: Rug Dusting
We use a variety of techniques in ‘dusting’ rugs, from front to back. We use compressed air to dust the surface of the rugs fibers. This will separate the rugs fiber so it can be properly cleaned.

Step 7: Pre - Treatment
Depending on fiber type and soiling condition, your rug will be pre-treated to emulsify the soils before beginning the cleaning process.

Step 8: Pre - Agitation
We then gently pre-scrub your rug loosening those deep-down dirt’s & soils where your typical in-home rug cleaning can’t get. 

Step 9: Spot and Fridge Preparation
Any potentially difficult spots will be pre-treated with a specialty solution increasing the chances for maximum soil removal. Fringe are prepped and pre-treated for a Thuro Clean.

Step 10: Wash Tub
Our washtub will clean your rugs gently and thoroughly. It consists of using a horse hair brush, which mimic the gentle motion of hand and river washing a rug. Soil is effectively removed by the gentle, turbulent flow of the wash water without the use of heavy bristle brushes or other mechanical forces that could damage your rugs fibers. Our rug washing solutions not only provide a thorough cleaning, but ensure no cross contamination or dye transfer during washing.

Step 11: Rinse and Extract
Our process is one of the most successful rug-wringing system in the world. It removes over 100% of moisture from rugs in no time. It allows heavy and dense textiles to be processed efficiently. Additionally, it is an exceptional tool for removing urine and other contaminants from rugs. Using a combination of force, irrigation, and effective chemistry, contaminants are flushed away from your rugs better than other conventional method!

Step 12: Neutralizing Treatment
We then neutralize your rugs fiber to ensure no chemical residue is being left behind after cleaning, this treatment prevents fiber degradation & expands your rugs life, therefore keeping your rugs, cleaner longer.

Step 13: Returning Spot Prevention
We then apply a anti-wicking agent to the surface of your rug, this agent prevents any spot or stains from re-appearing after delivery.

Step 14: Odor Eliminator
We then deodorize your rug, removing any of those deep-down odors. Most deodorizers cover up odor, our specially designed enzyme-based deodorizer eliminates those air born odors.

Step 15: Dry Bonnet Cleaning
We then dry clean your rug. This step does 3 things… 1. helps remove any residual residue from any cleaning agent being left behind, 2. helping speed dry, 3. prevents any spots from re-appearing after cleaning has been performed.

Step 16: Fiber Protectant
We then apply fiber protectant to your rug. Keep in mind, your carpet was originally made with carpet protector, after heavy traffic, the protector wears off, it’s removed by regular foot traffic, leaving your carpet open to permanent staining, Carpet protector will help avoid future permanent staining and costly service calls.


Step 17: Directional Grooming
We then groom the surface of the rug, locking all fibers in its natural position.

Step 18: Dry and Finish
Once the rug has been completely cleaned, it is hung for final drying in a controlled environment. Drying your rugs with accuracy prevents the risk of browning or yellowing that could occur when done improperly. We use high velocity air movers to speed dry. This ensures faster drying, keeping your items cleaner longer!”

Step 19: Post Inspection
A specialist will give the rug a final inspection, before releasing for pick-up or delivery.

Step 20: Out For Delivery
Your rug will then be wrapped to protect it from dust and environmental soils until it is picked up or delivered. Upon delivery will lay your rugs out for you. (Unless otherwise specified)

                                                                                  Does this sound like what you are looking for?

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