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Tile and Grout Cleaning in Myrtle Beach,                          Discover the Difference! 

Thuro Clean Carpet & Upholstery LLC is not your typical Tile & Grout Cleaning Service. We are Myrtle Beach’s only Premier Tile & Grout Cleaning Professional in the Myrtle Beach area. We are the one you call when your Tile & Grout is an investment to your home. And when your desire is to keep your Tile cleaner longer, and expanding the life of your Tile is your priority. We do this by using Myrtle Beach’s only unique 20 Step Tile & Grout Cleaning Process in Myrtle Beach, unmet by any other cleaner in our industry to-date. Experience the difference today! 843-903-6895

Tile is one of the most over looked & abused floor and wall surface in our home, simply because of the amount of care involved in cleaning it. No one is exited to relive the terrible thoughts of scrubbing each grout line for hours using a small brush. Most would rather re-arrange our sock drawer, lol!

The great news is Thuro Clean Carpet & Upholstery LLC can make short work of this detailed job, using non-toxic, biodegradable products that won’t harm your family, pets, or children. 

Thuro Clean Carpet & Upholstery skillfully is educated in proper Tile & Grout Cleaning. Whether your tile is in your kitchen, bathroom, or walls, those stains, and soil don’t stand a chance. Your Tile and Grout Cleaning will look very much as it did the day of installation.

At Thuro Clean we are dedicated to helping you keep your home healthier, cleaner, and always look the best. The solution to difficult ceramic Tile and Grout Cleaning Myrtle Beach is just a phone call away.

Trust Thuro Clean Carpet & Upholstery LLC for all those difficult and un-popular projects. You really don't want to do!

Our 20 Step Tile & Grout Cleaning Process 

Step 1: Pre- Arrival  

The day before arrival, you will receive a call &/or text confirming your cleaning appointment. On the day of your appointment, you will receive a photo (by text) of your cleaning technician, along with his ETA (estimate arrival time).

Step 2: Pre-Walk-Thru Inspection

Our technician will walk through your home with you to visually inspect the tile. He will identify potential permanent stains and give you an evaluation of expected results, as well as listen to any concerns you may have.

Step 3: Dry Soil Removal 

80% of all soil are dry soils, these soils are thoroughly removed using our power dust mop system. Removing dry soil are one of the most vitally & crucial steps in the cleaning process. We do this in three stages: 1) We start by using a dry dust mop that works like a magnet in removing soils. 2) Followed by a 36-ounce Thuro hot mop extraction 3) Last but not least, using a crevice tool we remove that hard to reach soil that builds up around baseboards. 

Step 4: Safety Precautions 

Walking on hard surface areas may be slippery until completely dry, for your safety, we use all precautions through-out the cleaning process, We put out wet-floor signs (preventing accidental slips), tape your baseboards and use wall-guards to ensure no damage should occur to your walls or baseboards during service.

Step 5: Furniture Moving

Our regular pricing includes moving chairs, tables and other smaller items. Beds, dressers, and heavier pieces may add substantially more time to the cleaning. One of our consultants can quote the exact cost to move any heavier pieces.

Step 6: Pre-Treatment

A pre-treatment agent is used to emulsify and break down that high traffic dirt and oils. This enzyme pre-spray is designed to loosen & lift the soil for easy extraction. We use non-toxic, biodegradable cleaning agents, that’s pet friendly & mother approved.

Step 7: Pre- Agitation

Using a rotary scrubber, we loosen the dirt & oils that are deep down in the groves and pits. This is not a standard piece of equipment that is used in our field of work however we go above and beyond in order to achieve maximum results.

Step 8: Spot Removal

Difficult spots are treated using a professional and specialized spot cleaning solution. These products increase the chances of removing challenging spots and stains.

Step 9: Deep Soil Extraction and Rinse

Your tile & grout is then thoroughly rinsed (using 200 degrees heat) and sanitized using a powerful deep soil extraction cleaning system. We extract soils to a truck mounted system located on site. 

Step 10: Neutralizer

Has your tile & Grout every been left sticky after a professional cleaning?  That feeling is due to residue being left behind after cleaning. Residue attracts dirt and shortens your flooring’s life by altering its chemical state. We pH balance your tile & grout after ever cleaning, therefore preventing sticky residue from being left behind.  

Step 11: Dry Soil Repellent

Have you ever noticed after cleaning your Tile & Grout, it looked dried out or chalky? We prevent this by applying a conditioning & brightening agent that protects and repels any future dry soil, making it easy to maintain after your cleaning.

Step 12: Returning Spot Prevention 

We then apply an anti-wicking agent to the surface of your Tile & Grout, this agent helps in preventing returning spot after cleaning has been performed. This makes clean-up and maintenance a breeze. 

Step 13: Odor Eliminator 

Grout is a porous substance. We apply a deodorizer to remove deep-down odors that build-up the pores over time.  Some service providers may only use a fragrance to mask the smell however this does not actually treat the issue. Our specially designed odor eliminator dissolves those air born odors and leaves the surface decontaminated of the odor causing particles.

Step 14: Dry Bonnet Cleaning

Have your white socks ever shown to have dirt present after professionally having your floors cleaned?  Thuro Clean dry cleans your Tile after every steam extraction. This step does three things… 1) Helps remove any residual cleaning agents that may have been left behind from previous cleaning products 2) Helps speed dry your floors, 3. Prevents haziness or discoloration from appearing after cleaning has been performed.

Step 15: Hard Surface Sealer

Not all budget saving grout sealers will do a good job of protecting your Tile & Grout from dirt and germs. Our premier solvent sealer is the best choice for this since it’s meant to fight against stain, spills, and also mold and mildew growth. Solvent sealer repels oil and water spots from penetration, which without it, can lead to extensive damage to your floors over time. This solvent sealer will reduce the amount of up-keep your Tile & Grout will need over time. 

Step 16: Speed Drying

The longer Tile & Grout stays wet, the faster it can attract dirty and oils. We use high velocity air movers to speed drying your Tile & Grout after each area is cleaned. One added bonus is speed drying helps prevent slips during your service. 

Step 17: Furniture Mark Prevention

Most floors take 24hrs to completely cure before sliding furniture is recommended. Furniture legs that are made of wood or metal will rust when coming in contact with damp flooring, our technicians put moved furniture on foam blocks or tabs preventing any possible dye or rust from transferring to your flooring, until they’re completely dry. 

Step 18: Over Spay Removal

After cleaning has been performed our technicians will wipe any surrounding furniture, baseboards and any areas that may have come in contact with our cleaning agents during your service. This is not a requirement with other cleaners however we feel it is a hospitable thing to do not to mention it could leave spots on your wooden furniture that could lead to permanent damage.

Step 19: Post Walk-Thru (Cleaning Inspection)

Our technician will now review the post job report while walking you through your home to point out cleaning results and ensure your completely thrilled with your experience. After walk-thru has been performed our office will call YOU to ensure our technician has met all your expectations. If they have not met your expectations, this will be the time to speak-up, and he will then re-clean any concerned area or answer any further questions you may have.                                           

Step 20: Quality Check Call

Thuro Clean has a 100% guarantee! To ensure we have provided you with The Most Outstanding Service Experience Ever. Two days later, after your items & areas has had time to completely dry, our office will following-up with you to ensure you’re still happy with your service. If we have not met your expectation, we will rush back to your location, if you’re still not happy we will refund your investment. 

                                     Does this sound like a company you would refer your friends, family & Co-Workers to?

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