What Should You Do Between Cleaning...


How to Keep Your Items Cleaner Longer & Expand the Life:

Carpet & Fabric Cleaning is just like exercising, if you get into a routine and keep it up, you will see great results and feel better for it. Understanding the right way to maintain your Carpet & Fabrics will help you save time and money on frequent service calls. Using “Seal of Approval” cleaning products help keep your items & areas looking great, they can also help meet the warranty requirements of the manufacturer. Below are simple steps to keeping your carpet & fabrics looking great longer all while expanding the life:

1. Keep temperature around 70 degrees F (for faster drying)

2. Stay off carpet “as much as possible” till dry. (spots & traffic areas may wick-back if you walk on before dry)

3. Turn on ceiling fans to promote faster drying

4. Be careful when walking from carpet to hard surface – SLIPPERY FLOORS!

5. Return pets, and children to regular traffic after 1-3 hours or when completely dry to the touch

6. Your carpet could feel damp or cool up to 18-24hrs after cleaning

7. Return to regular vacuuming any time after carpet or fabric are dry to the touch

8. Try and walk on the outside of the traffic areas till dry (spots could wick back if walked on to soon)

9. Use your FREE set of booties located in your gift bag to walk on damp carpeting.

10. Keep all room doors open for good air circulation for faster drying

11. Vacuum at the right frequency with a CRI-approved vacuum. Carpet (Weekly) & Furniture (Monthly)
12. Clean spots and spills quickly using neutral cleaning products that do not damag
e or cause re-soiling.
13. Professionally deep clean your carpet & furniture every 12 or 18 months to remove dirt and grime.

14. Have protectant applied after every professional cleaning. (See disclaimer bellow)

15. Have our text hot line (843) 632-5402 handy in case you need help with frequently asked questions.

Spot Dirt at the Door:

Stop Dirt at the DoorPreventing dirt and grime from getting on your carpet or furniture in the first place is a great way to start keeping it clean. The following helpful hints can stop dirt in its tracks.

  • Use door mats — Outdoor and indoor mats or runners can reduce the amount of dirt that enters your home. We have Thuro Clean door mats  available upon request. 
  • Take off your shoes — You can save wear and tear on carpet by asking everyone to take their shoes off before entering your home.
  • Change your air filters regularly — Change air filters in your heating and air-conditioning systems as recommended by the manufacturer’s directions. The more dust and particles removed by the filter, the fewer that fall onto the floors and fabrics.

Spot Removal Steps:

Spot Removal Steps… Act Quickly! Most carpet & fabrics available today has been treated with a stain-resist protectant, so many spills can be removed if immediate action is taken. The longer the delay, the higher the probability of a spill becoming a permanent stain. Remember, staining is influenced by many factors, and no carpet is completely stain proof.

Step 1: Pre-test any spot removal agent in an inconspicuous area to be certain the solution will not damage the fiber or the dye. After applying several drops to the testing area, hold a white cloth on the wet area for 10 seconds. Examine the carpet and cloth for color transfer, color change, or damage to the carpet. If a change occurs, another cleaning solution should be selected. Continue using the first cleaning solution as long as there is a transfer of the spill to the cloth. It is not necessary to use all of the cleaning solutions if the first solution removes the spill.

Step 2: Apply a small amount of the selected cleaning solution to a white cloth and work in gently. Blot liquids using a dry, white, absorbent cloth or a white paper towel (do not us printed paper towels). Do not scrub the area! Scrubbing may cause pile distortion in the affected area. Continue to use a dry cloth or paper towels until the area is completely dry. For semi-dry solids, gently scrape up with a rounded spoon. Solids should be broken up and vacuumed until completely removed. If the spot can be identified, locate the substance in the spot removal computer and follow the directions carefully, working from the edges of the spill to the center to prevent the spill from spreading. Do not scrub! Blot in order to absorb as much as possible, and repeat if necessary. We have Thuro Clean PRO SPOTTER available upon request.

Step 3: Be patient! Complete removal of the spill may require repeating the same step several times. After the spill has been completely removed, rinse the affected area thoroughly with cold water, and blot with a dry cloth until all of the solution has been removed. Some cleaning solutions will cause rapid soiling if the solution is not completely removed. Apply a one-half inch layer of white paper towels to the affected area, and weigh down with a flat, heavy object. Continue to change paper towels as needed.

Protective Coating Notice:

Most residential carpet & furniture are treated with stain & soil resistant properties. After one to three cleanings & traffic some of the soil-resistor wears off. At that point you should consider having a professional carpet cleaner re-apply protectant after professional cleaning has been completed. The soil resistor will help dry soil slide off of the carpet easier when vacuuming, spots will be easier to remove, and professional cleaning will be more effective. 

  For Any Questions 

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