How to Choose the Right Cleaning Products


You can be safe with using some generic cleaners that are targeted towards particular surfaces. However, You probably know that using low quality cleaners can cause water rings, blotchiness, leave residue behind, dull colors and possibly remove that beautiful luster. The investment in replacing these surfaces may be more costly than effective cleaning methods. Be sure you’re using the proper cleaners to rejuvenate and maintain your floors & fabrics so it reaches its full beauty potential.
How do you know what a “good cleaner” is? Well, here is a list of considerations that you may want to use before purchasing your next cleaning agent.
What type of flooring or fabrics do you have?
Make sure you know if your counter tops are granite or if your tile is marble. Knowing the type of stone in your home is imperative to choosing the best product for you. If a cleaner just says something generic like “stone cleaner,” then that’s probably a good sign that it’s not the best product.
What’s the PH level
If a cleaner’s solution contains high alkaline or low acidic elements, then you definitely want to stay away from the product. Leaving floors or fabrics at a high risk is what leads to discoloration, dulling, and even staining. Choose a cleaner that is neutral in PH and safe for your fabrics & flooring.
Do you need a specialized product?
Maybe you’re trying to spruce up your items and areas for a get together or you just want to get rid of an annoying stain. You can’t simply keep cleaning and get it back to its original state. You will need a little extra help. You should invest in a product like Professional Spot Out. This product is available for you here at Thuro Clean. Pros use Spot Out to remove spots and that high traffic dirt in between professional cleanings.
Maybe you just need help
Not everything can be fixed by switching to the “right” cleaner. Sometimes we just missed the mark and need professional help to save your floors and fabrics. Our professional craftsmen can restore your items and areas to look as good as new and get you off to the right start. If you need a little extra help, don’t hesitate to call TCCU at 843-903-6895